Work Injury Lawyers and Attorneys: Get Help For Your Claims and Settlement for Injuries

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Work Injury Lawyers and Attorneys: Get Help For Your Claims and Settlement for Injuries

Work Injury


Work Injury

Work injury by definition is an occupational illness experienced by an individual in the course of duty. The incidence rate of injuries in factories and industrial facilities are usually high, unless the manufacturing company has an efficient work safety program. Even if highly effective safety and accident prevention programs are in place, an accident is still possible. That is why workers should know their rights in the event of accidents so that they can claim for the necessary compensations that they are entitled to. 
Bear in mind that lack of knowledge regarding personal injury claims and settlements has already led thousands of injured workers getting compensations that are way much lesser than they deserve. The better way to avoid such incidence to happen on your end is to equip yourself with sufficient information and knowledge regarding this matter.

Not Sufficiently Compensated For an Injury While on Duty? Work Injury Attorneys and Lawyers Can Help 

Personal injury lawyers, also called attorneys, are usually highly-trained professionals with the license to practice in various fields of law. But their practice is more focused on tort law. This covers legal issues pertaining to the rights of an individual, property damages, and civil wrongs. They are the lawyers to consult with if you encounter personal injury issues, vehicular accidents, settlement for defective products, and medical malpractice. These lawyers can help you file a lawsuit in the event of due compensation is not extended by the company to you. These work injury lawyers have law firms where you can visit them in times of need, or if you need a legal advice. 

The cost of their professional fees may vary from case to case. In fact, some of them are even offering no win no-cost offers. This means, if you don’t get what you deserve because you did not win the case, you will not pay the personal injury firm or the lawyer.

Injured While at Work? Consult a Work Injury Lawyer or Attorney

A work injury attorney is a lawyer specializing in offering workers involved in injuries and accidents that occurred during work, or while in the performance of duties. These injuries can be the results of negligence on the part of the company or government agency, or they could also be due to the misdemeanor acts of another worker or employee of the same company the injured person is connected with.

There are many reasons why it is best to consult with the work injury lawyer if you think you are not properly compensated for in your work-related injuries. One of them is that local laws on work injury settlements and claims usually vary from one State or County to another. Places like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Charleston, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Delaware (DE), Denver, Georgia, Houston, Macon, Savannah, Sacramento, and Philadelphia have their own regulations and laws regarding claims for occupational illnesses and injuries.

Work Related Injuries 

Depending on where you are situated, as local laws differ from one place to another, common injuries that workers may claim for a workers’ compensation or personal injuries settlement are the following:
Occupational Exposure – workplace condition that causes or further aggravates illnesses and diseases like mesothelioma caused by prolonged asbestos exposure, lung cancer, asthma, allergic reactions to chemicals and fluids, and loss of hearing.

Trauma –carpal tunnel syndrome and hand or elbow injuries due to extended hours of using the computer, various musculoskeletal injuries like back pain due to prolong hours of sitting, and various physical trauma that occurred as a result of performing the required functions.
Assault – injuries caused by physical abuse and attack by a co-worker
Vehicle Accidents – car accidents while travelling on a business trip, while travelling from one workstation to another, while going to a meeting or conference, and while visiting clients on business calls.
Trip, Fall, and Slip – injuries caused by a fall, slip, or trip inside the company premises; even if it is a parking lot.

Work Related Injury to the Eyes

Injuries to the eye caused by extreme dust in the workplace, nails, staples, wood and metal chips, cement chips, and silver particles. This also includes thermal burn to the eyes cause by UV rays and welder’s flash.

To prevent eye injuries in the workplace, especially in the factory and industrial settings, eye protective gears must be used if needed. This is very important considering that OSHA report on eye injury statistics show that there are around 2000 cases of work-related eye injuries across the U.S. every day.

Work Injury Claims and Settlement – How Much Can You Claim

Calculating the amount of damages that you can claim is quite difficult. There is no fixed formula in arriving at the accurate amount, since there are various factors that must be considered that include things with no monetary values.

When filing a claim, your main objective is to maximize your benefits, while the objective of most companies is to minimize their payment to your claims. When computing for your settlement, you must also include lost wages due to your absence while on treatment or rehab. In some cases, you can also include psychological and emotional damages; including suffering and pain.

Ideally, it is best not to come to a point wherein you have to file your personal injury claims. Employers should always ensure that injured workers are well-attended to, and they are sufficiently paid for the amount due to them, as stated in the corporate comp and benefits scheme.

Some companies even promote information campaign regarding proper personal injuries reporting, not only for recordkeeping purposes but also to ensure that the injured worker is given due compensation on time. Sometimes, the report must be accompanied by necessary form or documents; including evidences in photos or videos for smooth processing of the claims. 
It is also the responsibility of every worker to know his rights, and to act responsibly in the event of accident and injuries. The company can only do as much as the injured person must also do his own part in correctly reporting the incident to the appropriate centers or unit, along with pictures for evidence if necessary.

Aside from being well informed about work injury settlements and claims, it is also best to get help from attorneys and lawyers specializing in work-related injuries; their legal advices can make a huge difference on the total value of the benefits that you are going to enjoy.



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